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Celebrating National Pet Day

​Settling into your new home is exciting, and in dog-friendly Austin, it may very well mean that you’re bringing a family pet along.  With a new environment and the busy days that are part of the move, it can be a little stressful for your furry friends. Here are a few things to keep in mind for the transition for you and your pets.

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To Build or Not to Build? Move-in Ready Homes are the Answer

Finding the perfect new home should be a positive, exciting experience for you and your family.  At times, it can become overwhelming with the many factors that go into deciding which new home is right for you. When do you need to move in? What is the best area to live in? Do you want to build a home from the ground up, or purchase a newly built home that has been designed for you?

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Jazz Up Your New Home with DIY Décor

You just bought your new home. Congratulations from all of us! You've picked up the keys and parked in the driveway. The anticipation and excitement is real! Opening that door can be a bit overwhelming when you stop to consider that now this will be your personal space where you want others to come and feel welcome. Where do you start? What can be done? Too many decisions! 

First step...breathe! You've got this!

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Valentine’s Day Celebrations for the Homebody Couple

It’s that time of year again – time to show your significant other just how much you adore them. While thousands of American couples will display their love for each other with a classy dinner and an expensive evening out topped off with roses and chocolates, there are still plenty of fun, exciting and romantic activities you can affordably enjoy from the comfort of your own home. 

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