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Five Stars Through Authentic Relationships

At Brohn, it’s no secret we build every house with the hope that those who live there experience the joy and satisfaction that comes from making it home. In a recent interview, our very own Director of Marketing at Brohn Homes, Christian Diez, joins host Mark Renkens at The Lonestar Podcast – Mining For Gold (Stars). The interview provides an insightful conversation about customer interactions, important details on overall communication and how authentic relationships naturally result in five-star reviews. Diez says, “(We) treat every single interaction and every single homebuyer as a relationship and not a transaction.”

During the interview, Diez and Renkens explore a negative apartment community review and the opportunities to turn it around for good. Renkens asked Diez what the best result is from a negative review, Diez answers, “Improvement. And that’s improvement from communication to any kinks in the process.” For 20+ years, we are listening and taking action to meet the needs of homebuyers. And while creating the ultimate experience, we understand each home is its own story and caters to each homebuyer’s unique needs.

Diez expresses how having excellent communication skills can grow a strong community along with a reputable company, “Our focus is building homes and that primarily starts with the people. We are a people business.”

We hope to join your journey to a new home for you and your family!

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One of our many Happy Homeowner reviews, “Brohn has been extremely transparent with us from the day we signed our contract. Our weekly update calls were great to keep us in the loop on next steps and what to expect for the coming week. The entire staff is readily available and willing to help with any and all concerns. Highly recommend working with this builder if you are looking to build.” -Will Hugo

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