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For our new look, home is

Everything is looking up these days at Brohn – as seen in our new brand. From the get-go we wanted the refresh to embody the positivity of our company and the happiness we wish for every one of our homeowners, Realtors® and partners. At Brohn, we help you and your family step into a brighter future and that direction is always up!

Evolving to meet your family’s needs today and tomorrow

We started this journey by looking at where we’ve been, where we’re going and the changing needs of today’s home buyers. Committed to broadening our reach to affect positive change, we wanted our brand refresh to continue paving the path of trust, love and reliability.

This mark symbolizes a rooftop but more importantly, upward or forward movement – and we are constantly looking for ways to elevate the home buying experience. The arrow is simple yet extremely diverse as a graphic element.

We looked for a unique font that could exemplify the quality and trust that we provide throughout our process. It’s simple, easy to read, yet strong and trustworthy.

“Building Tomorrow, Today” expresses our values with one statement. With forward thinking, we build quality that lasts, technology that endures, and a home designed for your memories today and tomorrow.

Every day the future is looking brighter

This was our colorful way of representing our commitment to your day-to-day comforts of home. We knew we wanted something light that reinforced family, friends and every moment in between.

We Say Community
and We Mean It

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Sponsorships &
Beyond building homes, we’re dedicated to helping people in our broader community through philanthropic efforts.
To the many heroes who often put others before themselves, we appreciate all you do. Click here to register in our Hometown Heroes Program if you are a current or former Armed Forces personnel, current law enforcement, firefighter, educator or health care professional.
Click here to explore career opportunities with Brohn.
We build homes to positively impact the lives of people. Not only for homeowners, but also our Brohn team members.
Committed to sustainability efforts, we strive to make the lowest possible impact on the environment with our home building process.

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