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More Buying Power Today than One Year Ago

After a year of adjustments and adaptations, the Austin housing market is seeing a return to stability. In a recent Austin American Statesman article, Brohn co-founder, Aaron Boenig, discusses why today is the best time to buy a new home. He expands on market home price reductions, interest rates and how nearby growing cities can provide home buyers with more affordable options.

Home Prices

Throughout Austin, home prices have come back down from record-high marks driven largely by the effects of the pandemic and record-low interest rates. Boenig says, “With a record low drop in the interest rate at 2.65% in January 2021, it created an opportunity for home-buying and selling at record rates which, in addition to pandemic-induced supply chain issues, led to the housing inventory drying up and the prices of homes skyrocketing.” In contrast to the rise and recent decrease in interest rates, home prices have come back down from the record-high marks set during the pandemic.

Interest Rates & Buying Power

As a result of interest rates bottoming out in January 2021, the 30-year fixed mortgage rate climbed as high as 7.08% on November 10, 2022, and began to fall again, sitting at 6.13%, as of Jan. 26, 2023. Boenig says, “The spike in interest rates cooled movement for buyers and sellers, but it has allowed inventory to slowly build up in some markets, including Austin, and helped push us back toward a more normal market.”

For 20+ years Brohn has been looking for ways to help families achieve homeownership and offers financing options that provide more buying power through interest rate reductions. Only with Brohn Homes, and their partner lender, can you reap the benefits of interest rates LOWER THAN last year’s average! Our rate reduction incentives, combined with home prices normalizing, make today the best time to buy. Review the table on this page and you’ll see why >>>

Rapidly Growing Cities

Boenig recommends home shoppers expand their search to emerging markets, “That could mean surrounding cities such as Elgin, Liberty Hill, Kyle and additional nearby cities that are growing rapidly and provide more affordable options.” Brohn Homes builds throughout Central Texas in many of these cities. Communities are carefully chosen for the lifestyle benefits home shoppers seek and are often where lifestyle, quality construction and affordability meet.

Things are always subject to change, but as the shift to normalcy advances, we’ll continue to see market conditions improve for buyers and sellers, and Austin will remain a great place to buy or sell a home.

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