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New Look, Same Brohn: Brohn Homes Unveils Identity Rebrand

The Austin-based homebuilder has built communities in Central Texas for the past 20 years

AUSTIN, Texas — For Brohn Homes, home is everything.

With that in mind, Brohn unveiled its new visual identity this week. The new brand logo includes an upward-facing arrow, a mark to symbolize both the roof of a new home, but, more importantly, upward or forward movement. The company’s rebrand is the latest piece of its evolution to continue meeting the changing needs of today’s homebuyers.

Brohn has been building homes across Central Texas for the past 20 years, beginning back in 2002 when brothers Aaron and Adam Boenig completed the construction of a single home. Today, the Boenig brothers are co-presidents of an organization that has helped place more than 3,000 families into homes over the last two decades.

“We’re very excited to launch our new identity and to continue to serve our community here in Central Texas,” said Aaron Boenig, Brohn Homes Co-President. “Above all else, we are in the business of people. We want to serve people, and we just happen to do that by building homes. Our goal is to continue to build relationships with our homeowners, local businesses, realtors, chambers of commerce, and more. We’re going to continue to find new ways to best serve people and communities, continuing to grow with them as we move forward.”

Brohn’s mission to elevate the home buying experience and make housing attainable for all is at the heart of Brohn’s new branding. From a new color palette and font to its refreshed tagline—“Building Tomorrow, Today”—Brohn is focused on community with its new identity.

“We will continue serving the people of Central Texas as best we can in the years to come,” said, Adam Boenig, Brohn Homes Co-President. “While we may have a new look, our mission, our goals, and our commitment to providing every homebuyer with the home of their dreams stays the same.”

Brohn’s commitment to quality and care in its homes has been recognized throughout the years. Most recently, the organization was named the Production Builder of the Year at the 2022 Austin Business Journal Residential Real Estate Awards. So while the public may see a new-look Brohn in terms of its visual identity, what won’t change is the company’s commitment to building quality homes and communities across Central Texas.

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