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To Build or Not to Build? Move-in Ready Homes are the Answer

Finding the perfect new home should be a positive, exciting experience for you and your family.  At times, it can become overwhelming with the many factors that go into deciding which new home is right for you. When do you need to move in? What is the best area to live in? Do you want to build a home from the ground up, or purchase a newly built home that has been designed for you?

If you are looking to move sooner than later, Brohn Homes has Quick Move-In homes, or inventory homes, available in some of the most popular communities in Central Texas. These homes offer superior designs, quality craftsmanship, and various price points for home buyers in Austin. And the best thing is, you can move in almost immediately, if not right now!  


Here are a few reasons why a move-in ready home might be the answer your family is looking for:

Professionally Designed and Built for You

For many people, the thought of picking out faucets, paint colors and granite/backsplash combinations in their new home is stressful. The Brohn Homes design team takes the guesswork out of creating a space that matches their style and personality.

Brohn Homes addresses this buyer hesitation by offering move-in ready homes that have already been built and designed by professional designers who understand the latest trends and have implemented current designs, colors, textures and materials into each home. The materials used in move-in ready homes are also offered in the Design Center for those who choose to build their home from the ground up.

The main difference between a move-in ready home and a to-be-built home is the planning and decisions have already been made for you. The only decision you are left with is which home you love the most!

Enjoy Sooner

Dreaming of hosting the holidays in a new home? Relocating to Austin and need to close on a home immediately? Can’t stand to rent for another month? If you choose to build a new home, you often need to wait four to six months until you can relocate into your new house. Although some families have a longer timeline to move into their new home, an inventory home is a better fit for someone who needs a quick transition. 

By choosing a move-in ready option, depending on the stage of construction, you can move in almost immediately! A Quick Move-In home offers a tremendous level of convenience and is a perfect solution for job transfers, retirees, or anyone wanting a brand-new home without waiting. The only work you will have to do when you move into your new home is unpack and start enjoying your new place.

Established Communities

Many move-in ready houses are located in more established sections of the Austin-based planned communities that have been developed and built in. This offers you a variety of benefits as a Brohn Homes home buyer. While there is something to be said about joining a community from the ground up, and growing said community with your fellow new home owners, it is also nice to have established neighbors who can show you the ropes of your new neighborhood.

While there are pros and cons to every home purchasing decision, Brohn Homes has many options available to you in communities all over the Austin area. The inventory home options include various price points and floorplans; these options include 3-5 bedrooms, 1 and 2-stories, 2 and 3 car garages and 2 – 4 bathrooms. Many are located close to major employers, shopping centers, amazing restaurants, and all the entertainment that makes Austin such a great place to live.

Move-in ready homes include the most up-to-date methods in home building, as well as the most modern conveniences and warranty coverage of a newly built home. Your new home will be energy efficient to keep you comfortable and reduce your expenses.

From design to convenience, the possibilities are endless with Brohn Homes. Check out our current communities with move-in ready options today!

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