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What’s Ahead for the Real Estate Industry?

In this exclusive interview published January 26, 2023, with InvestCourier, co-founder Aaron Boenig of Brohn Homes, along with 10+ experts and leaders in the real estate industry, provide a comprehensive view of what’s ahead in today’s fast-changing world. They discuss the current state of the market, the effects of recent events on the industry and predictions for the future of real estate.

Aaron’s interview offers a glimpse of what’s ahead to advance in technology. He said, “When looking at the housing market, and specifically the construction of residential homes, we’ve had little-to-no disruption over the last 100 years. Arguably, the greatest innovation our industry has seen over that time has been the nail gun. New technologies, however, are changing the game.”

Aaron expands on how offsite construction could be the next innovation and future of residential construction – “Constructing homes, or components of homes, off-site increases the quality of construction, increases efficiency, decreases waste, reduces theft, and decreases cycle times.” The controlled environment allows these facilities to produce panels, trusses, modules, kits, and more. And most importantly, Boenig says, “The efficiencies created can potentially save buyers thousands of dollars while improving the quality of their homes.”

Boenig feels offsite construction can help more families enjoy the pride of homeownership. He concludes the interview by saying, “It’s up to the leaders of our industry to further adapt to buyers’ needs, innovate and find ways to make housing attainable for all. A disruptor to the construction process such as this one would be a huge catalyst for increasing the attainability of homeownership, a goal for us at Brohn.”

From the very beginning, when Brohn Homes was just two brothers building one home at a time, to now being one of the fastest growing home builders in Central Texas, their premise has never changed. Continue to meet the changing needs of homebuyers and find the best ways to help families home.

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