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The Benefits of Living in a Private Housing Community


Of course, one of the biggest advantages to living in a private community is the tranquility and security that comes with it. Community gates prevent almost all non-residents from entering without express permission, resulting in a reduced rate of criminal activity and unwanted solicitation. Some complexes also have on-site security patrols who are available at a moment’s notice.

Private housing communities generally have lower levels of traffic than other residential areas. This allows residents to enjoy their time at home in peace and makes it safer for children to play around the neighborhood.

Appearance and Value

Most gated communities are managed by a homeowner’s association (HOA) or some other governing body that upholds specific standards for the entire community. Residents are required to keep their home and exterior landscaping clean and cohesive. While some might find the rules excessive, having them in place ensures the community always looks inviting and that no careless owner can unilaterally drive down the price of their neighbors’ homes due to an unkept exterior or bizarre design choices.

The constant upkeep of the community often benefits homeowners in other ways as well. Private neighborhoods tend to be valued at a higher price than other homes in the surrounding area due to their limited availability and reputation for safety and quality.

Community Amenities

Many private communities contain a number of on-site amenities for residents. Community offices or clubhouses often contain a centrally located pool and grilling area. Common features include open areas for families to mingle and children to play, and many communities even feature private walking paths. All amenities are managed by the company in charge of the neighborhood, ensuring the areas are always clean and available.

Custom Community Housing in Texas

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