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Spring Cleaning Checklist: Easy Solutions to Refresh Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Readying your home for spring can be a lot of work, especially if you’re trying to spruce it up and turn your house and yard into the most beautiful residence on the block. Here are some tips to get your home ready for spring and have it stand out as the best-looking residence on the street.

Solutions to Refresh Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Pressure wash your deck

Clean winter debris from your deck space using a pressure washer. Fit the pressure washer with a tip whose nozzle creates a two-by-four foot spray radius with medium pressure. However, make sure to keep the spray moving. Pressure washers are powerful, and spraying spots for too long can permanently damage the surface of your deck. Finish the job by applying a wood preservative to prevent water damage and discoloration.

Wash your driveway spotless

Clean your driveway with a pressure washer and prevent future stains by applying a waterproof sealer. Use an extender pole with a paint-roller to apply the sealer. Start in the middle of the driveway and then roll the sealer to all edges of the driveway’s surface. Let the sealer set for 24 hours before parking or driving on it.

Clear gutters of debris

Remove winter debris from your gutters and use the opportunity to examine your gutters for cracks in the seams. Scrape old caulk from your gutters and dry, then apply new bead silicon sealing to prevent water from damaging the boards behind your gutters. Pour water down your gutter to ensure water is flowing and to flush out any trapped or standing debris.

Remove dead or wilted flowers

Pull and remove dead and wilted flowers and replace them with fresh blooming flowers. Consider planting new herbs to create a healthy aroma that will emanate from your garden, such as mint and rosemary. Water lightly according to what’s best for your flowers’ growth. Try to plant flowers with the same watering habits together to help them grow healthy and strong.

Add a fresh coat of paint to your front door

Your front door is the first thing people see when approaching your home, so add a fresh coat of paint to spruce it up. Paint your door in a soft hue of blue or red, or go bold with a bright yellow or red. Add a new door knocker too for some extra flair and character.

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