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Should I Buy An Existing Home or Build A New Dream Home


Should I Buy an Existing Home or Build a New Dream Home? 

Deciding to have your dream home built is no small matter. It can be a very involved, time-consuming process, but the end result is always going to be a better fit for you and your family than buying an existing home that wasn’t built with you in mind. There are actually many compelling reasons to consider purchasing a newly constructed home rather than buying a preexisting structure, some of which you may not have considered. Read on to learn about five of the most common and compelling arguments.

Building a New Home Helps Ensure Optimal Efficiency 

Building a New Home Helps Ensure Optimal Efficiency Incorporating energy efficiency upgrades into older homes that weren’t built with energy efficiency in mind can be a daunting task. Oftentimes the implementation of comprehensive energy efficiency upgrades simply isn’t feasible due to outdated building methods that were never meant to accommodate modern efficiency features. You never have to worry about that with a newly built home, which can be designed up to code and with the latest efficiency upgrades already incorporated.

Healthier for Your Family

Old homes may have been infested with mold, contained asbestos or been coated in lead paint for decades. While these things can be treated and removed, nothing is ever perfect. You definitely don’t want your family’s health negatively affected by lingering hazards and you don’t have to take that risk when you purchase a newly built home.

Some homes, due to construction, foundations, drainage and other factors, are simply more prone to things like mold. A new home builder will ensure your new home is built with modern best practices and the highest quality standards.

Get the Features You Want in Your Dream Home

From appliances to kitchen layout, you likely have a massive list of wants and must-haves for your new home. You can always buy a preexisting home and spend a lot of money upgrading it, but you could also consider purchasing a new home, where all the energy efficiency upgrades and appliances are already included. No need to dispose of old appliances or construction debris, no worries about adding insulation in a home that wasn’t designed to accommodate it and no old-world building nightmares to deal with like outdated piping or wiring. 

Design a Floor Plan That Meets Your Needs

Have kids? Pets? Or is it just you and your spouse? The layout of your home is based in large part on your family size and lifestyle. If you shop around long enough you may find a home with the perfect layout in a location that works for you, but you could also forego the painstaking search and dismiss the idea of compromising on your needs and wants by working with a new homebuilder to develop a floor plan that really works for you.

Save Money Not Having to Turn the Home You Buy Into Your Perfect Home

This may sound counterintuitive, but just imagine your perfect home. Then imagine buying a fixer upper and making those modifications. Redoing a kitchen, knocking down walls, replacing flooring, remodeling bathrooms and any other projects you may embark upon are all expensive, messy, headache-inducing endeavors that will all be in addition to your home’s initial purchase price. When you hire a new home builder to craft your home you can avoid all these issues and move into a home that’s already optimized for your needs and desires.

Talk to the Local Austin Dream Home Builders

If you’re interested in learning more about new homes or you’re ready to start planning for your new home, the local Austin professionals at Brohn Homes want to talk to you. We even have beautiful build-ready communities, such as Siena, which features more than a dozen potential floor plan options and all types of customizations you can make in addition to that choice. Communities like Siena offer the best of both options by giving you the opportunity to incorporate custom features without many of the common custom built home headaches such as getting utilities and services connected to your property. 

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