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Navigating the Supply Chain Through Innovation

Brohn Co-President, Aaron Boenig Speaks with the Texas Association of Builders on Facing Current Supply Chain Challenges with Forward-Thinking Solutions.

Over the last two years, few companies have been immune to the disruption of the supply chain in some form or another. The home building industry is no exception and has been hit especially hard on many fronts. Shortages ranging from materials to appliances, extending even into labor have all impacted building timelines and productivity in a domino-like fashion.

The Texas Association of Builders digs deeper into the causes and speaks with builders on how they can combat these challenges. Brohn’s approach? Redlining processes – and revamping how homes are built, finding areas to save on cost and time. “We have been forced to think differently, do things differently, change our processes, change the building products we use and just change the way that we build homes.”

These different ways of thinking and doing reduce waste and build cycle, pass along savings to the home buyer and increase quality. All of which help achieve Brohn’s overall goal to make homeownership more attainable for all.

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