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Choosing The Right Color for Each Room in Your Home

Unlike mood rings, seeing a specific color can actually affect how you feel. It’s a subtle psychological effect that often goes unnoticed but still has a major impact on your overall mood and attitude. Here are some colors to choose when considering both design aesthetics and your mental well-being.

Mood-Affecting Colors

Red – The color red is considered a color of romance, passion and drive. Red is a beautiful color to use in your design, however, keep in mind it can amplify emotions including anger or contempt. If you react impulsively, it’s best to use lighter shades of red or opt for other warmer colors, as red can amplify impulsiveness. Use red if you find yourself in a lull, or need some motivation and drive in personal endeavors.

Blue – The antithesis of red, blue is a calming, relaxing color. It’s a comfortable color, reminding us of the bright blue sky we live under. A versatile color in any shade, a dark sapphire can add a bold burst of energy like deep shades of red, or a calming teal can make spaces feel larger, breezy and relaxing. Blue is a great color for bathrooms, bedrooms and kitchens.

Yellow – A color full of hope and optimism, yellow inspires feelings of happiness and stimulates memory. A sun-kissed yellow acts much like the actual sun would, imbuing your surroundings with radiance and warmth. Pale yellows make rooms feel much larger and are best suited for hallways or rooms without windows to provide the illusion of more space.

Gray – Oftentimes a complement to other colors, gray inspires calmness and sophistication. Many may find gray to resemble the cold, murkiness of storm clouds, but it can amplify the presence of other colors and add glamor to them. Avoid using gray in children’s bedrooms and put it in places like bathrooms or rooms where you can boost the energy of other colors.

Green – The color of vitality, life and wealth, green is about growth and renewal. Green immediately inspires an image of grassy fields and lush forests. As in nature, green pairs well with most other colors. Greens can light up a kitchen with an air of bounty and can provide a warm, open air feel to living rooms.

Purple – A regal color, purple combines the best of red and blue. It makes a great statement in opulent front entryways. Light shades of purple can add both energy and softness to formal living rooms, whereas purple pastels can add youthful, bombastic energy in gaming rooms, dens or a teenager’s room.

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