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Celebrating National Pet Day

​Settling into your new home is exciting, and in dog-friendly Austin, it may very well mean that you’re bringing a family pet along.  With a new environment and the busy days that are part of the move, it can be a little stressful for your furry friends. Here are a few things to keep in mind for the transition for you and your pets.


Keep Up with Exercising

There are multiple reasons to keep the canine exercise plan going until moving day and beyond.  If your dog is pleasantly tired on the day of your move, they’ll be much less inclined to cause trouble. They’ll travel better in the car, and are more likely to sleep in a safe place (like a crate) while you are moving things in and out. Once you’ve gotten moved in, take them out on walks around the new neighborhood so that they can familiarize themselves with the new scents and where your home is in relation to the surroundings. Be sure to check out the possibilities for new activities in the area: Did you know that Austin has 12 off-leash areas that are operated by the Parks and Recreation Department? Your dog may also make some new friends in the move!

Don’t Forget to Update their Records

When you’re taking care of change of address forms for your family, don’t forget to update your pet’s tags. It’s common for cats and dogs to go missing before and after household moves – doors and gates can be left open, routines are ignored, and your pet can get lost easily. If they have microchips, you’ll need to update your info with the appropriate registry.


Maintain Their Regular Routine

Make things easy on your pets by keeping their familiar toys and beds together, and by trying to locate their food dishes in a similar position in your new home. They’ll appreciate having familiar scents and items around – now is not the time to throw out their old bed or crate! Keep their feeding times consistent and understand that they may need some education about going outside on their own, if they’ve never had a yard before. Even little things like pet doors will sometimes need a little training session.

Consider a New Friend

If you were waiting until you had a bigger home or a yard before adding to your family, be sure to check out all the great opportunities for pet adoption in the Austin area. There are all types of pets that are looking for a new home – not just dogs and cats, but also small animals like guinea pigs and rabbits. Great new memories of your new home can also start with a new pet in your life.


Still looking for your place to call home? When making such a big move, it is important to find the perfect community for your family’s lifestyle – including your pets! Brohn Homes builds new homes in various master-planned communities across Austin and the surrounding areas. Contact a Sales Consultant to learn more about all of the amenities that your family can enjoy.

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