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Are You Ready To Buy A Home?

If you’ve only ever rented before, buying your first home can seem like an overwhelming task. Rest assured, the transition from renter to homeowner isn’t as hard as you might think. However, it’s important you ask yourself a few preliminary questions to ensure you’re prepared.

What Are You Looking For?

Before you begin house hunting, you need to know exactly what type of home you’re seeking. Do your homework ahead of time to narrow down things such as: neighborhood, style and amenities. This will not only ensure you’re actually looking at homes you’re interested in but prevent you from wasting your time elsewhere. Hot properties can disappear from the market overnight!

What’s Your Budget?

Maybe even more important than knowing what kind of home you’re looking for is knowing how much you can afford. Speak with a mortgage lender to determine what you can comfortably afford each month and how much you are able to make a down payment.

If you intend to take out a mortgage loan, ensure your credit is in order. A less than ideal credit score could result in higher rates or a complete denial of your loan request.

Who Can You Go to for Help?

Nobody expects a first-time home buyer to navigate the market and deal with all the paperwork on their own. Find a skilled real estate agent to aid you in the home-buying process. Don’t settle for the first person you find; take the time to read reviews and interview multiple candidates until you come across someone who is both experienced and makes you comfortable.

Are You Prepared?

No matter what stage of the home-buying process you’re at, it will be necessary for you to put in 100 percent of your effort and focus. Be thorough in your research, take the time to find a trustworthy realtor and carefully inspect each home you see. All the effort you put in will be worth it at the end!

Luxury Communities in Central Texas

When purchasing your first home, you want a house that’s just as unique as you are. With the guidance of our expert team, Brohn Homes will help you choose from spacious, open floor plans and custom features and finishes to fit your one-of-a-kind style. Contact us today for more information about our luxury Central Texas communities.

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